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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Down East

There were lots of flights to the big cities of the East Coast.  In many ways, going there was like going into the Army.  There was a culture shock for me.  Pittsburgh is more of a Mid Western city in temperament, than an Eastern city.

The first time I was in someplace like New Jersey or Philadelphia, I behaved normally and kind of got blown away.  If you read my original episode Pivotal Night, you know that I was going to make adjustments, so this did not happen again.

The first few times I crossed the Appalachian Mountains eastbound after that, I reminded myself about the attitude and demeanor of the people I was about to encounter.  I borrowed from my drill sergeant experience and became much more aggressive and assertive than I was normally.

I would approach people and start telling them how things were going to be and they seemed to react in a more respectful manner.  I think they respect people who act like they are in charge.  They do not respect people who seem to have their tails tucked between their legs.

Over time, I have learned to know and love people on the East Coast.  I think they are simply reacting to the nature of their environment.

When I flew north, west or south out of Butler, the people sometimes seemed to be even nicer than my fellow ridge runners from Western PA.

Warning:  Graphic violence and adult language.

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