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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Seems Like Old Times

I talked about the trollies I rode to high school.  Here is a video I saw recently.  It passes very near to the 3 homes I remember living in with my parents as a kid.  It starts near our home in Bellevue, then goes over a rickety old bridge which has since been replaced into West View on Center Ave.  It crosses Princton Ave., where the last home my parents owned was located.  Then it passes West View Park, the nearby amusement park, which has been closed for years.  Eventually, it passes West View Ave. in Ross Township, near the first home I remember living in.  This is where we built the log cabin as kids.  

All that occurs in the first 10 minutes of the video.  Then it goes down Perrysville Ave. on the North Side, near the hospital in which I was born, near where PNC Park and Heinz Field are now located.  From there is skips to a tunnel through Mt. Washington to South Hills.  Then it shows one of the two remaining inclines on Mt. Washington and you can see the old Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad terminal, which is now Station Square on the South Side at the Smithfield Street Bridge.  My dad worked for the P&LE. 

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